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There are many different factors to consider and decisions to make when planning a wedding.  It can be time consuming, even slightly intimidating.  The key thing that I have learned is to break things down into tangible parts.  There are also many people and relationships who can impact the planning process.  In order to imagine how to prioritize and keep yourself focused, I will use the analogy of a lovely, three-tiered wedding cakeEach layer has its role to keep the cake together and to make your visualization come to life.



I may be one of those rare breeds who turn wedding planning into a fun past time, or procrastination hobby.  But, my strategy to fit in small pieces of wedding planning on a daily basis has completely paid off.  Even if it is just an email or a new board on Pinterest, in the first four months of being engaged, I contributed something every day.  Public transit is a great place to get a couple of emails out on your commute to work; so is taking an extra ten minutes in the morning.

Starting with the base of the cake, this needs to be the sturdiest part.  To solidly begin your planning process, be sure to prioritize the pieces that are most important to you and your partner and start to work on those first.  If there are specific vendors whose work you love and want to be a part of your wedding, chances are, they are popular with other brides too.  So make sure to contact them well in advance.

It is imperative to have a specific notebook, file folder, or Word doc dedicated to wedding planning.  Or, if you are like me, have all three 😊.  Keeping all-things-wedding in an organized system will save you time as you plan and will make follow up a lot easier.  I carry a wedding notebook with me so that I can jot down any new ideas, inspirations or TO DOs wherever I am.  If you are more technology based, having a file on your phone works too.  You can find a helpful wedding guideline here.

Finally, as in your work place, people expect to be treated with respect and to get responses in a reasonable time.  This means that you should always reply to vendors, even if you have chosen someone else.  It also means that you should do your research.  Approach vendors having an idea of who they are and what they do, instead of blanketly asking every photographer in Vancouver to shoot your wedding.  Just as you want to feel special on your wedding day, vendors feel special when people show genuine interest in what they do.


Most of us will field opinions and ‘helpful advice’ from various family members throughout the wedding planning process.  This can often squish you in the middle between two layers: what you and you’re your partner want and what family members ‘would do if it was their wedding’.  At risk of sounding cliché, remember that this is YOUR wedding and at the end of the day, it only matters what you and your partner want.  It is certainly hard to ignore the advice and opinions of family, especially if you have a close relationship with them.  They love and support you and of course want to help in any way they can.  Sometimes, however, family may not realize the position that giving their opinion can put you in.  In my experience, it is important to listen to what your family has to say, and if it can be incorporated into your plans, then great.  If not, do not carry the guilt of having made a decision that best suits you and your partner.

This applies to choosing your wedding date, your bridal party, your venue, ceremony details and various vendors.  These are all very personal decisions and as long as you can come back to a place where you do what is best for you and your partner- while still respecting your loved ones- you are doing just fine.


Why would you have chosen your partner if you cannot lean on them and depend on them to help make decisions?  This is why you should involve your partner in the wedding planning process and ask for their opinion on things that you are unsure of.  It is their day too and your wedding should be a representation of the two of you.

I am lucky to have a partner who listens and supports me, even though my idea of personalized embroidered linen napkins was turned down…. On matters of the family, décor, etiquette or ‘which shade of blue’ we should choose, he is there to support me and give his thoughts.

Keeping the conversation open throughout the process will reduce stress and allow you and your partner to create a one of a kind wedding suited for the two of you.  Let this piece be a focal point like the finished product of the top of the cake.



-Allow yourself time away from wedding planning when the big deadlines have passed (vendors selected, deposits paid).  Take a weekend off, go away for the weekend, get outside!

-Get the little things done ahead of time!  If something can be accomplished three months prior to your wedding date and doesn’t take up a lot of space or energy- GET IT DONE NOW.  There is no sense in adding extra things on to your plate right before your wedding.

-Remember why you are planning a wedding in the first place.  You would not have to think about all these decisions and dream up all of your amazing ideas if it wasn’t for the fact that you found your partner and you both have chosen to spend your lives together.  So, the next time you wonder why you are taking on a ‘second job’ or deciding between chocolate or vanilla (vanilla  😉), enjoy this fun phase that leads you down the aisle to an amazing life together.


Take care and Happy Planning!


Founder, Alex & Lily Home



I have written before about the value of registering for your wedding (see Why is a registry important).  So, as I have progressed along with my own wedding plans, I got to experience for myself the joy of registering.  As a shopper, planner, designer and wedding enthusiast, I was so very excited for this stage and I would like to share with you my top five items to register for, that everyone should have on their list.


Firstly, everyone has different needs.  The main factor that should guide your registry is your lifestyle.  Do you love to cook?  Are you a wine connoisseur?  Do you love to eat out?  All of these factors play into the types of things you should be registering for.  If you hate to cook and love home décor, don’t stock your registry with solely kitchen items and zero accent pillows.  For me, I love to cook and entertain and want to be prepared to host all sorts of gatherings.  Seeing that I have already built up a fair amount of entertaining pieces- the focus for my registry was geared towards larger, more formal gatherings.


If the entertaining items I owned were old and needed replacing, then a wedding registry would be a good time to upgrade.  There wouldn’t be much point to having more than two sets of perfectly functional cheese knives though, for example.  Of course, the wedding registry is meant to start the newlyweds off on the right foot, but keep in mind that you should only register for items you need or will use in the future.


So, if you are going to register for your wedding (which I recommend you do), here are my top five items that should be on your list:

#1- Staub or Le Creuset

If you are to have only one kind of cookware in your kitchen- these French inspired pieces should be it.  Not only do both of these brands carry an array of colours to suit your home and your taste- these cast iron stove to oven to tabletop pieces are an effective way to cook a meal and leaves you with much less dishes to clean!  My personal favourite is the Basil coloured Staub cocotte.

#2- Wine glasses

A part of entertaining, wine glasses are an essential thing to have many of.  Chose a brand you like and can get more of (for breakage in the future).  You can either choose to register for a whole line of glassware for each varietal, or simply choose one size in the middle that works nicely across the board.  I love the Riedel Boudreaux glass that works with all varietals.

#3- Towels

Matching, cozy towels are a great way to unify your bathroom.  Towels should be replaced every 5 to ten years or so anyways, so why not get a new set (or two) to fill your newlywed home?!  They say that the rule for towels is as follows: one on the rack, one in the laundry and one on the shelf.  My favourite amazingly cozy towels are from Pottery Barn.  Classic white will last you a lifetime but you can also choose a colour to fit your bathroom scheme.

#4- Knives

Having a good, sharp set of knives is important whether you use them daily or not.  There isn’t anything more frustrating then trying to prepare vegetables with a dull knife.  From experience, even if you don’t use your knives that often, your friends who come over and cook at your home will appreciate a sharp set of knives.  Of course, with this item, there is a huge range of prices so choose a quality knife with a price point you are comfortable with.  A great all around knife brand is J.A. Henckels.

#5- Food Processor or Heavy Duty Blender

It is very common to register for the Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but the truth is, though it may look pretty on your counter, it’s not for everyone.  This is why I suggest a smaller appliance like a food processor or a multi-functional blender.  Whether your go to is a smoothie, homemade pesto or diced onions, a multi-tasking appliance is a versatile piece to add to your home.  It’s usage will change overtime to suit your needs.  For example, making homemade baby food for your future little ones 😊  I registered for the Kitchen Aid Food Processor.

I could go on and on about what would fill up an amazing registry, but these five building blocks will set you up on a good path to newlywed bliss!

So, if you need anymore tips on registering or how to select items to suit your home- let me know!  Otherwise, happy shopping!


Alex & Lily Home


How does a planner, plan her wedding?

I have decided to share my journey through planning my wedding to help shed light, advice and to potentially inspire those who are also planning their weddings.  Hopefully you enjoy my story as my journey continues.

When I first got engaged I was in disbelief and incredibly happy.  I could not help but look down at my left hand and see that the feelings I was feeling were real.  On a typical pacific northwest day, it was grey and raining and as my fiancé asked me to marry him between the crashing waves on the beach and the determined surfers in the ocean, we both knew that we wouldn’t be going surfing that day.  As soon as we got back to the house, I was on the phone and skyping with family members and friends to share the exciting news.  In between phone calls, I was already starting to plan.  What did I do first?  I asked my sister for her guest list spreadsheet from her wedding that contains all of our family members and their addresses.  It had begun.


As much of a planner that I am, believe it or not, I did not have my ‘dream wedding’ all worked out- much to my cousin’s disbelief.  I knew certain elements I wanted to have and had a faint feeling of how I wanted the atmosphere, but I did not have any of the details yet.  One thing I was aware of was that you can dream about ‘your big day’ for years and long for a particular setting, but you will not know if that setting is realistic until you have a rough idea of your guest count.  So having my sister’s spreadsheet was my first step to figuring out what would be realistic for me.  If you do not have a sibling who recently got married before you, that’s fine.  Start your own guest list and be generous at first.  Don’t worry about being stringent on the first draft- trust me, there will be many editions to come.


Being a planner and having worked in the industry for over five years, I am aware of how many elements are involved in planning a wedding.  So needless to say, I hit the ground running and got to work on vendors, theme and the venue search.  Though it is important to find a venue (and a date) early on, you need to also determine the overall style of the atmosphere you imagine.  I knew from the beginning that I wanted an outdoor, natural element instead of an indoor hotel ballroom feel.  I have a large family and knew that I wanted as many of them to be there as possible.  I also knew that I would be looking to either the Whistler or Okanagan regions as this was something that my fiancé and I discussed previously.  Keeping these elements in mind was crucial to be able to begin our venue search.  We ended up finding a vineyard in the Okanagan with a special meaning to us that will be the perfect mix of nature, style and fantastic views.


I will admit that given the timeline set before myself (nine months from engagement to walking down the aisle), I took on the role of a planner for first three months of my engagement.  I was approaching decisions and vendors from a planner point of view, as opposed to a bride.  I was action-based not emotionally driven.  I think though, that this approach helped me to get ahead of the planning to make sure I could meet the deadline nine months later.  Don’t worry if you’re not as enthusiastic about the planning as I am.  Make sure you do what is best for you and your partner.  If that means that you have a longer engagement or hire a wedding planner to help with things, then do so!  Also- remember that a main reason to hire an expert to help with the planning and executing is to relieve stress from the process so that you can focus on what’s important to you.  It also allows your friends and family to fully enjoy themselves and to not have any responsibilities on your wedding day.


So far, the experience of planning my wedding has been full on, action forward and exciting.  I can visualize the day and how I have planned for it to come together.  As one task after the other is checked off my list (of which I have many), the more room I have to think about the excitement to come!

Another wedding update will come soon, but for now, work on your Pinterest boards or drop me a line.



Alex & Lily Home



Choosing a venue is one the of the most important decisions in planning your wedding: it sets the tone, the atmosphere and the style of your wedding.  It is a determining factor that helps to guide the rest of your decisions and to give you and yours the experience you imagine.

But how does one choose only one venue to tie the knot?? With hundreds of options and new spaces renting themselves out for private events each year, how do you narrow it down?

Alex & Lily are here to help.  Let us give you some inspiration and things to think about to aid in the ever important Venue Decision.  There are some key factors to consider that will impact and inform your choice of venue:


  • How many guests will be attending your wedding?

The guest list is very important in determining what venue you choose because all venues will have a maximum guest limit.  It is not only about being able to ‘fit’ all of your guests into the space, but also, not choosing a space that is too large for your event so that there is an excessive amount of empty space.  Before looking for venues, you and your partner should sit down and draw up a draft guest list to determine the ballpark number of guests you will be inviting.  It is not a good situation to be in if you have your heart set on a venue and you are unable to cut down your guest list.


  • What is your personal style and that of your partner?

This is about what you like, what you like to wear and the level of casual or formal display you prefer.  Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner and so choosing a venue with the style that you can relate to will be more exciting and appealing to you.  Are you a princess who has always dreamed of her wedding a big, fancy ballroom? Take a look at some of Vancouver’s most beautiful hotels, The Rosewood Hotel Georgia or the Four Seasons. Both offer incredible service, legendary beautiful interiors and high end glamour.  Are you more of a trendsetter and like to discover new things?  A new venue making waves in Vancouver is the heritage building at The Permanent.  They are situated in downtown Vancouver east of the business core and have recently opened up their space for public events.  It boasts an amazing stained glass ceiling, heritage bar and guests can roam over three floors throughout the wedding.


  • How you and your partner want to celebrate?

Are you comfortable being the centre of attention?  Or does that scare the living you-know-what out of you?  Or somewhere in between.  Will you be having a religious ceremony or a non-denominational one?  Does it excite you to have a fun filled event, or a chill and intimate gathering?  These are some questions to ask yourselves to determine if you require two locations for example, one of the ceremony and one for the reception.  Think about whether or not all guests are invited to both the ceremony and reception, or just one.  (And we hate to break it to you, but regardless if you are comfortable with it or not, as the bride, you will be the centre of attention all night).


  • How much work are you personally expecting to put into the day? And how much are you hoping to hire others to perform?

Whether it’s due to time, experience or skill set, each couple has an idea of what activities they want to do themselves or feel better to outsource to professionals.  Some venues, like hotels, will automatically have the service, most likely the catering, most furniture, linens and parking already in place.  This is compared to an outdoor venue where all rentals, food and décor would have to be brought in.  Personalizing your venue is easier when it is a blank slate- on the other hand, it means that there are more vendors required and decisions to be made.  There is no right answer.  It depends on your vision, as well as what you can afford.  Most venues that come with staff and furniture, ect will be more expensive, however after adding up all the sectors that you need, you may not find a huge difference in price between an outdoor venue versus a hotel (think- tent rentals…).


Given the fact that choosing a venue determines the stage for your wedding and it is your special day with your partner, you want to be sure that you are comfortable with your decision.  However, sometimes there are barriers to being able to make isolated decisions. Family and friends are excited for your nuptials and so, may lend their opinions on various decisions for your wedding.  Sometimes these comments are rational and appreciated-sometimes they can be overwhelming.  If your parents are paying for your wedding, they have the right to SOME, key word, SOME of the decisions.  This is not to say that they can dictate everything about your wedding, but perhaps there will need to be some compromise.  If you are pushing for an outdoor wedding for example, and your parents want a ballroom setting, a great option in the Vancouver area is Cecil Green.  It offers both outdoor and indoor space, old world feel and class and glamour that this heritage venue naturally provides.  As in all relationships, compromise will need to happen and choosing a venue will likely be only one of the situations where compromise will be necessary.

Some other great venues in the Vancouver area are: the rustic, natural and beautiful North Arm Farm in Pemberton, north of Whistler; your very own gallery display at the Vancouver Art Gallery; and the dimly-lit, romantic and alluring Brix and Mortar in Yaletown.

Whatever venue you choose, try to imagine your day, how you want to feel, the people you want around you and the memories you know you will make!

For more advice on venue selection, or wedding services in general, contact Alex & Lily Home.  We are always here to help.


Alex & Lily



We love celebrating birthdays.  Some people are obsessed with their birthdays, and others could care less.  Here at Alex & Lily, we are in the camp who believe that birthdays should be celebrated and that they should bring together as many people as you can who love and care for the person entering another year.

The ‘new birthday’ simply means celebrating birthdays in a way that is unique or different from birthday celebrations of the past, but not too extreme that you break the bank.  Every birthday should have a theme- whether that theme is overt or subtle.  Themes do not always dictate dressing up as your favourite childhood hero- or any hero for that matter.  Rather we are suggesting a more sophisticated and adult theme that revolves around food, drink or activity.  Something that is classy and fun, and easy for everyone to participate in, not only those who love to dress up.


Theme #1: The New Bartender On The Block

Ask all of your guests to bring their favourite alcohol or liqueur.  Once you have all of the supplies ready, try your hand at mixing up some tasty cocktails with the flavours you have at your disposal.  If you have a friend who is a particularly good bartender, have them start things off.  You can also look up recipes and mix up some of your favourites.  This is also a great time to show off your new bar set you got for Christmas, your wedding, or of birthdays past 😉

Theme #2: Wine O’ Clock

Similar to making your own cocktails, ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine of their choice, along with one food item that pairs nicely with it.  Conversely, you can also put together a nice variety of cheeses and garnishes to suit a wide variety of flavours.  The party essentially turns into a wine tasting party with each guest tasting small amounts of various wines, and appropriately pairing them with some delectable cheese.  Yum!  Again, a great time to show off those cheese knives you have oh-so-carefully stored away in a drawer!


Theme #3: Country Cuisine Cook-off

This theme is based around food- an essential for ANY party.  Choose your favourite cuisine, or country and ask guests to bring a small dish of that cuisine/country.  Add topical music and beverage you have yourself a food-themed bash! Alternatively, you can do all the cooking (or hire someone else to) and sit back and enjoy an indulgent meal with your loved ones.

Theme #4: GAME ON!

We always love adding a little fun into the evening and if you are already entertaining at home, it is easy to bring out a board game or two!  Similar to the previous themes, you can ask guests to bring a board game, or use the ones you have at home.  Try to think of games that involve a lot of players at once, so that everyone has a chance to participate.  You can have two games going at a time if your group is large enough.  Though board games seem to be a nostalgic activity, it is a fun way to get the competitive juices flowing or the chance to make fools of yourselves without a care. (With this theme, don’t forget to supply food and beverage as well).


These ideas are cohesive and flexible while also creating a focus and a central theme to your special day.  They can be as detailed and committed as you like.  Accompanying décor, music and dress can be added, or you can choose to keep it simple.

We hope this has sparked some ideas for your next birthday bash!  And, as always,  Alex & Lily are here to provide more ideas and guidance when you need.


Alex & Lily

(Note: Image 1- Style Me Pretty; Image 2- Etsy; Image 3- Williams Sonoma)


A fresh, organized start to the new year- all around.

A new year brings new hopes, dreams and promises. It’s a time of reflection and self-awareness. It’s a time for improvement and change. It is not however, a time to set unrealistic goals that are unlikely to be attainable in a calendar year.


Is your goal to have a more organized home?

To finally tackle that home renovation project?

Or to plan your dream wedding without the stress?


An organized home is a matter of using your current space in a better, more efficient way. Below are some clever uses of space that allow for easier access to often used items.


It is always a good idea to sort through drawers and closets several times in a year. It is alright for things to build up over time, but sorting through things more than once a year will keep things from becoming too hectic or overgrown.


Once the excitement and celebration has settled down from the holidays and your life’s ‘to-do list’ comes flooding back into mind- home improvements become a focus again. Research is an important part of any project. If you are looking to save up a bit more money after the expense of the holidays, spend some time now researching and brainstorming. This will be helpful when you begin the project or look to hire a pro. One of the first things a professional will ask you about is your style and functionality preferences. This is where your research will pay off.

Check out these images from one of our most recent project, where used Paris and the client’s warm nature as inspiration for the space.

Another consideration is to take the time to prioritize your home improvements to know which project to tackle first. Not everything can be done at once, regardless if you have the budget to do so. There is a process that occurs with every project and some aspects are contingent upon the completion of other installations. The more prepared you are to begin your project, the smoother it will go.

If you are engaged or newly engaged- firstly- Congratulations! Secondly, we know there are a lot of things to do for your wedding- and we’re here to help. Planning a wedding can be stressful because of the many decisions to make and tasks to complete. To help you get organized, consider the accessory tasks or activities that you need help with, aren’t interested in, or don’t feel that you will have time to do. These can be things like building welcome baskets for your out-of-town guests, maintaining and following up with RSVPs, or planning and organizing your rehearsal dinner. There are plenty of resources available online to help point out the tasks to be completed. For example, The Knot is great free source for wedding inspiration and guidelines. Alex & Lily will help you complete all of these tasks and reduce the stress of planning!


So, creating a fresh, organized new start to the year is all about the small planning steps to do prior the start of your project. Though it may seem daunting in the beginning, take it one step at a time, take care to think about what you want and need before seeking a professional’s advice and have fun with the idea of a satisfying project that you can be proud of!

***To gain a better sense of what a wedding concierge can do to help you and your fiancé with your wedding needs, attend the Swank Wedding Show in Vancouver on February 6th at the Vancouver Art Gallery and visit our booth!

Alex & Lily


Alex & Lily explore the value of registering for a wedding and how they can help.


Marriage is the joining of two people in a lifelong commitment. It is a new chapter in a couple’s lives and deserves to be well-equipped.

Registering for a wedding is, in our minds, crucial. Regardless of what size your wedding is, how formal or informal it is- every couple needs some form of registry. If you are the type of couple who would prefer to receive money at your wedding-I can guarantee that a grandparent, great aunt or neighbour will insist on purchasing a tangible gift for your wedding. Why risk receiving three of the same set of towels or candlesticks when you can specifically request only the items you want and need in the quantities you require them in?

Another benefit of registering is it forces you to evaluate the items you have in your home, discover gaps and sort through old items that you no longer use. This is an important step to ensure you are not doubling up on unnecessary items in your home (see our Home Organization page for more help with this).

Most registry retailers will give you a certain percentage off purchasing items you have registered for but did not receive for your wedding. This is another benefit of going through the process of registering in general. With all of this being said, Alex & Lily add a very useful and personal experience to wedding registries. With a background in interior design, Alex & Lily will visit client’s homes prior to shopping to view the personal style and lifestyle of the couple.  This evaluative step postiviely impacts the items needed to live happily and completely in the new couple’s home. After the home visit, we will go shopping with you to the recommended retailers for your needs and help you choose appropriate items.

By establishing the ground theme for a registry, Alex & Lily will help couples organize their registries and make it a worth while experience- instead of a waste.
We are so pleased to offer this service to our clients and look forward to making the most of the registry process!

Book a FREE consultation now!

In the meantime, where should you be looking?? Here is a list of places to start!

Alex & Lily


How to create a fun and thoughtful Stagette/Bachelorette!


I love weddings. Always have. And this year weddings are a daily subject of conversation due to my involvement in many other people’s weddings. I am proud to say that I have some wonderful people in my life who have asked me to be a part of their bridal parties. So, one of the biggest duties of a bridesmaid is of course, planning the Stagette/Bachelorette! Here I’ll share some tips to help make your stagette a fun and successful one!


Firstly, speak to the bride about her schedule and figure out an approximate time of year that both makes sense for the brides, as well as for the timing of the wedding. Typically, the Maid Of Honour (MOH) will lead and organize the general parameters as well as be the liaison for the bride. That being said, the bridesmaids need to contribute too!


Figure out the strengths of the bridal party: Who loves décor? Who is all about the games? Who’s strength is logistical work? Once you’ve determined this you can divide up the work. This is very important so that the MOH is not doing everything herself and also, to ensure that everyone contributes to the event.


So- what do you need to plan a bachelorette?? Of course the details will vary for each party, but here are the guidelines…



Are you going away for the weekend or staying in town? Will you be in a bar? Hotel? Home? Think about the environment where you will be and whether it yields itself to calm atmosphere or a party one. Consider the size of location and whether it will accommodate the guest list as well as the general mood you are looking to capture.



The options are endless but it is always fun to have a theme be carried throughout the party. Plus- it looks so pretty to have coordinating colours! You can keep it simple by using the wedding colours and playing off the theme of the wedding itself.

The theme should also suite the type of bride you are planning for. Does she like to party? Does she love the outdoors? When planning a party for the bride it only makes sense to cater it to her likes and hobbies.



I cannot stress how important it is have good, clear communication not only within the bridal party, but with the bride and the guests as well. A bachelorette relies on the involvement of others to come together, contribute and celebrate. Common decency says that guests should be informed of the details and expectations of the party. Speaking of guests, have the bride send you a list of those who she would like to invite. Invite everyone on the list- even if you have never met them before! Also make sure that guests have a way to contact you in case they have any questions.



Will you be eating out all the time? Or staying somewhere that has a kitchen? And further to that, is there someone in the group that cooks??


It is a good idea to provide some alcohol for the group (as long as the group drinks). In some cases if you are not going out for drinks, you can work the entire cost of alcohol into the overall budget.



It is good to set a budget – and stick to it. How do you determine the budget? Consider the activities you would like to do, the cost of stay and the guest’s level of comfort with spending money. Clearly, the lower the cost the better so that guests are not put off from attending the party due to cost constraints. Charge every guest that same price and don’t forget to minus one person from the numbers to cover the bride’s portion. An average budget for a weekend away will vary, however, the cost should cover: any activities you are taking part in, some food and drink, accommodation, group apparel, and some extras here and there.


french 75


This can be anything from a Welcome Drink to a special book prepared by the group for the bride. The details are the little pieces that help pull everything together and create a greater impact. They are seen in the (optional) favours, the adjusted menus for those with dietary restrictions, adding a personal touch to the decorations, hand-made treats or a surprise element for the bride.


The most important thing to take away from this is that your bachelorette planning should have the bride in mind the whole time. This is for her and her chance to celebrate her new chapter of her life with her nearest and dearest. Going the extra mile for your bride will be noticed a appreciated- I promise. So put your thinking caps on, get your girls together and contact Alex & Lily if you have any questions!


All the best,

Alex & Lily

H & T’s Wedding



In August this past year, we celebrated H & T at the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, BC. The theme of the wedding was casual, country chic- featuring some of the most beautiful table runners I have ever seen!  The burlap and lace runners were definitely a feature of the decor.  The whole wedding was light and bright, with help from the many windows overlooking the gardens that allowed natural light to come through.

The intimate wedding was accessorized with rustic wood place card holders and table numbers, burlap table runners and ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ sign, home made jam favours and peach and green flowers adorned with succulents.  It was a pleasure to be a part of H & T’s day and their union was truly celebrated.

Thanks to Shaughnessy Restaurant and to Mathias Fast photography!

Preparing for the New Year

Party tips and Holiday Organization


While the holiday season is coming to a close, there is still time for some last minute New Year’s Eve (NYE) party tips and tricks! I always find it lovely to go to or host, a house party for this time of year. It is nice to be able to CHOOSE those that you want to ring in the New Year with, as well as avoid the line up at the bar and the dreadful hunt for a cab at the end of the night.


The first thing that NYE brings to mind is the start of something new and fresh! Why not make a signature cocktail, with some added bubbly, to celebrate the night! I love this recipe with a fresh, citrus taste.


Another thing that NYE brings to mind is SPARKLES! I have always been a lover of glitter and all things shiny. Perhaps it’s the ceremonial fireworks that are set off throughout the night, but adding a bit of sparkle to the evening is fitting and fun! It can be incorporated in the décor, like this lovely PRINTABLE banner from Etsy, or in these playful coasters from Lofty Living. For you ladies, adding a bit of sparkle to your nails is also a simple and playful way to add some sparkle to the night.


As for those New Year’s resolutions: if you are going to make them, your greatest chance of succeeding in these resolutions is to write them down! Believe it or not, the simple act of physically writing out your resolutions gives you a greater chance of fulfilling them. Writing out your goals hold you more culpable to those words and also creates a visual record of what you promised yourself.


Here are some examples of New Year’s resolutions:

  • This year I will organize and clean out my purse once a month.
  • This year, I will save up enough money to finally redo my powder room.
  • This year, I will make sure to start planning and organizing a party at least a week in advance to avoid unnecessary stress.
  • This year, I will (finally) clean out my closet (possibly with help from a professional), and donate the items I no longer use.


So, if you are the type to make these resolutions/promises/goals–Write It Down! (and if you’re a stationary fiend like me, write it down in a lovely notebook like this one from Kate Spade.)


On Another Note…

As we ring in a new year, it is also time to think about cleaning up the holiday décor like trees, wreaths and lights, etc. Even though you will be bringing out the same decor in a year from now, it is still important to pack things up carefully and thoughtfully. Remember that ornament organizer from Target (see @alexlilyhome Instagram post)?? Now’s the time to use it! Place ornaments carefully into the box, with delicate ones wrapped in tissue for safe keeping. If you have a fake tree make sure it’s nicely placed in its’ box to allow easy unpacking the following year. It is well worth the initial effort of carefully and purposefully packing up holiday items for storage to save yourself time, energy, and twisted-light-strand headaches next year!

New Year

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Stylish New Year!

See you in 2015!


Alex & Lily