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Packing.  I feel that everyone either has a love or a hate relationship with it.  For some, it brings on a lot of stress or angst.  For me- I love it!  I mean, REALLY love it.  I am the kind of person who dreams about packing weeks in advance before a trip and will always unpack my bags, even if it is just for a two night stay.  I recognize that not everyone shares this love but, having gone though a move recently myself, I thought I could shed some light on the subject.


First, start early.  There is always, I mean always more to do than you think there is.  I started packing a few boxes a couple months in advance due to my schedule, but I would recommend it.  Think about it like this: ‘What will I NOT need for the next month/couple weeks?”  Pack these items first.  Trust me, you won’t miss the items because you will not be using them before you move.  Starting early also allows you to sort through your closets and cupboards to discard of items that are no longer useful and need to be donated or tossed.  What is that point o f packing, moving and then UNpacking and old sweater or pair of boots just to donate them on the other end?


Second- label all boxes and bins!  Do this simple step to begin with to save yourself some time and frustration on the other end.  Label not only the nature of the contents of the box, but the location where they will be unpacked.  This way you stay organized and anyone assisting you with the move can drop off boxes in their proper places, without having to consult you each time.


Third– pack items with care.  Whether it is a short or a long journey to the new home, take the time to properly cushion and wrap all items.  Everything will be traveling in a moving vehicle and there will always be bumps along the road (literally and figuratively).  Don’t forget to label fragile items specifically to ensure proper loading and unloading.


Fourth– don’t put yourself in a box.  Yes, you are packing up your life, but life still continues as you do this.  Perhaps you will eat out for the last few nights before the move, but what will you eat on?  If you are thirsty, what will you drink from?  A simple tip is to leave aside a few disposable plates, forks, knives and cups so that you can pack up all of your dishware and still have something to eat off of in the days leading up to the move.  This also eliminates last minute dishes to clean or to potentially forget.  Anything that allows the mode of packing to move forward is a positive thing to help keep you on schedule and ready for moving day.


Fifth– be calm and grateful.  This is the one thing that I need to remind myself of more often.  I am a great packer.  I am a great organizer.  I like to be as efficient as I can be.  Sometimes all of these factors fly past gratitude and straight onto ‘go mode’.  Moving is a lot of work and even an ultra-planner like myself will come across things that will not go exactly as planned because that is generally how life works.  However, things could also go better than expected!  Try to remain excited about the new adventure and take the process in stride.  Most importantly, remember to thank those who have helped you in the process.  I was lucky enough to have a great, big team at my side.  And I am so grateful for all of their help.



Set yourself up for success and a less stressful move by preparing yourself and your home for packing, organizing and unpacking your new adventure!

Follow along as my unpacking and re-designing process moves forward this Fall.

As always, contact us for more tips and comment on your recent moving experience below.


Allie Cooper

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home office

A space that is gaining more and more attention in new ways is the home office.  Of course having a space to sit and do ‘the bills’ has been around for a while, but home offices have taken on a different, more modern use as the numbers of ‘mompreneurs’ and those working from home continues to grow.  It is no longer an afterthought that is hardly used and functions as the catch-all space. It can be a space that provides an inspirational, functional and of course, stylish room to work in.  In this blog post we will list the essentials to create your perfectly-styled and well-equipped home office.


First up: THE DESK

The key here is to give yourself enough surface area for the specific activities you will be doing.  Tap into your personal style and what elements will motivate and inspire you to get down to work.  Below is a beautiful glass top desk with shaped lucite legs.  Perfect for a clean lined, modern- yet classic office desk.

Glass top desk

This rustic wood desk reads playful with a pop of colour on the legs to allow it to be placed in either a rustic or more transitional style space.

desk with pink legs

Don’t Forget: THE CHAIR

Will you be sitting at your desk for long periods of time, or only here and there?  Make sure you consider comfort in your chair selection so as to not discourage yourself from getting work done or potentially cause you pain over time.  After considering the comfort of the chair- select a chair that goes nicely with your desk.  Modern, traditional or rustic?  Check out some of our faves below:

colourful chair

cross back chair                   white desk chair



What is an office without: STORAGE

Proper storage is important for your home office.  There is nothing motivating or encouraging about a pile of paper sprawled all over your desk from the day before.  Whether the storage is built into your desk or incorporated with shelving and baskets- it is an essential element of your home office.  We love these Kate Spade magazine holders; and why not add some open shelving to add both storage and style above your desk?!


open shevling 2

If your space allows for it, a bookshelf is a great way to add plenty of additional storage to your home office while also providing ample room to add art, personal items and decor.


How could we forget: ACCESSORIES

The details.  Our favourite part of any space.  There are loads of stationary companies out there to help outfit your desktop and pull together the style of your home office.  Your desktop would not be complete without some form of: pens and colourful markers; notebooks to write down your goals and to create lists; general office supplies like scissors, staplers and a hole punch; and finally- unique elements that personalize your space.  Here are some of our favourites to make your home office complete.

rifle notebook

Kate Spade- cards               poppin stapler

All in all, a well put-together and professional space is not only about aesthetics and design, but about creating an inspirational space to dedicate time and productive thought.  Start yourself off on the right foot and make the most efficient use of your home office by having all of the right elements and-as always- contact Alex & Lily for more details and assistance.


Alex & Lily


It’s the time of year where Canadians love to escape the winter (or, in Vancouver’s case- the rain), and travel to a warmer, sunnier destination. Packing and preparing for a trip are a couple of our strong suits. So here, we give you some advice on how to rock your next vacay!


Make sure that your documents are all up to date. Passports especially. It is a good idea to check your passport’s expiry date when you book the trip as it can take a couple weeks to get organized. Checking your family’s documents at the same time will save from the hassle of going to the passport office more then once.

Charge your electronics that you intend to pack. This is something that can be done ahead of time and leave you confident that you will be able to use them during travel. Packing the charging cord for each electronic is wise as you will be using these electronics during your trip as well.

Stock up on your toiletries. Refill shampoo bottles or soaps and make a list of items you still need to purchase. Of course packing travel size toiletries saves space, but don’t worry about sacrificing your perfect hair product for example, if it is not available in a smaller size.

Plan the outfits you want to pack. This way, you can get the most out of the clothing you bring. Having pieces that can be used in a couple of different ways will help reduce the amount of clothing you pack and also allow you to creatively mix and match the items you bring. By thinking about your outfits in advance as well as the activities that you will be doing, you will see if there are any gaps in your wardrobe needed for this trip be able to do any necessary laundry.

Find out if your vacay spot has laundry. This will determine how many undergarments and clothing you will need to bring. If there is laundry, then you can pack a little less and wash items that get dirty. (Of course, you will be on vacation and if laundry + vacation does not sound fun to you, then don’t worry). If you’re travelling with children, this can particularly helpful to know.

All of these things can be done in advance to help prepare you for your trip. We are huge fans of packing a couple days before departing to ensure you have everything you need. And, as always, making a list of the tasks to do is a great way to keep you organized and prepared. Especially if you have a young family to pack for, anything that you can do in advance will help reduce the stress of leaving town and also allow you to feel confident that you are not forgetting anything for your vacation.

Happy traveling!

Alex & Lily



A fresh, organized start to the new year- all around.

A new year brings new hopes, dreams and promises. It’s a time of reflection and self-awareness. It’s a time for improvement and change. It is not however, a time to set unrealistic goals that are unlikely to be attainable in a calendar year.


Is your goal to have a more organized home?

To finally tackle that home renovation project?

Or to plan your dream wedding without the stress?


An organized home is a matter of using your current space in a better, more efficient way. Below are some clever uses of space that allow for easier access to often used items.


It is always a good idea to sort through drawers and closets several times in a year. It is alright for things to build up over time, but sorting through things more than once a year will keep things from becoming too hectic or overgrown.


Once the excitement and celebration has settled down from the holidays and your life’s ‘to-do list’ comes flooding back into mind- home improvements become a focus again. Research is an important part of any project. If you are looking to save up a bit more money after the expense of the holidays, spend some time now researching and brainstorming. This will be helpful when you begin the project or look to hire a pro. One of the first things a professional will ask you about is your style and functionality preferences. This is where your research will pay off.

Check out these images from one of our most recent project, where used Paris and the client’s warm nature as inspiration for the space.

Another consideration is to take the time to prioritize your home improvements to know which project to tackle first. Not everything can be done at once, regardless if you have the budget to do so. There is a process that occurs with every project and some aspects are contingent upon the completion of other installations. The more prepared you are to begin your project, the smoother it will go.

If you are engaged or newly engaged- firstly- Congratulations! Secondly, we know there are a lot of things to do for your wedding- and we’re here to help. Planning a wedding can be stressful because of the many decisions to make and tasks to complete. To help you get organized, consider the accessory tasks or activities that you need help with, aren’t interested in, or don’t feel that you will have time to do. These can be things like building welcome baskets for your out-of-town guests, maintaining and following up with RSVPs, or planning and organizing your rehearsal dinner. There are plenty of resources available online to help point out the tasks to be completed. For example, The Knot is great free source for wedding inspiration and guidelines. Alex & Lily will help you complete all of these tasks and reduce the stress of planning!


So, creating a fresh, organized new start to the year is all about the small planning steps to do prior the start of your project. Though it may seem daunting in the beginning, take it one step at a time, take care to think about what you want and need before seeking a professional’s advice and have fun with the idea of a satisfying project that you can be proud of!

***To gain a better sense of what a wedding concierge can do to help you and your fiancé with your wedding needs, attend the Swank Wedding Show in Vancouver on February 6th at the Vancouver Art Gallery and visit our booth!

Alex & Lily