Home Organization is about de-cluttering, simplifying and adding function to the home.  Simple systems help make a home function.  For cluttered closets, garages, home office areas or a family schedule that just doesn’t seem to work- with Alex & Lily organizing your home will help make your life easier and give you more time to do the things you love.  To us, Home Organization means more time with your family or easily finding that tool or utensil when you need it. The end result?  Feeling relaxed, confident and happy in your home.

All Organization projects will begin with a consultation to discuss the scope of the project and the required areas, materials and planning.  Following the consultation and general planning, Alex & Lily will work with you to rearrange, de-clutter and organize chosen areas. We will develop a plan to keep important and commonly used objects in an accessible location.  Other items will be removed or relocated to better suited areas. We will recommend shelving and storage options as well as materials, bins, shelving or permanent storage structures.  If needed, carpentry work will be outsourced with design by Alex & Lily.