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Packing.  I feel that everyone either has a love or a hate relationship with it.  For some, it brings on a lot of stress or angst.  For me- I love it!  I mean, REALLY love it.  I am the kind of person who dreams about packing weeks in advance before a trip and will always unpack my bags, even if it is just for a two night stay.  I recognize that not everyone shares this love but, having gone though a move recently myself, I thought I could shed some light on the subject.


First, start early.  There is always, I mean always more to do than you think there is.  I started packing a few boxes a couple months in advance due to my schedule, but I would recommend it.  Think about it like this: ‘What will I NOT need for the next month/couple weeks?”  Pack these items first.  Trust me, you won’t miss the items because you will not be using them before you move.  Starting early also allows you to sort through your closets and cupboards to discard of items that are no longer useful and need to be donated or tossed.  What is that point o f packing, moving and then UNpacking and old sweater or pair of boots just to donate them on the other end?


Second- label all boxes and bins!  Do this simple step to begin with to save yourself some time and frustration on the other end.  Label not only the nature of the contents of the box, but the location where they will be unpacked.  This way you stay organized and anyone assisting you with the move can drop off boxes in their proper places, without having to consult you each time.


Third– pack items with care.  Whether it is a short or a long journey to the new home, take the time to properly cushion and wrap all items.  Everything will be traveling in a moving vehicle and there will always be bumps along the road (literally and figuratively).  Don’t forget to label fragile items specifically to ensure proper loading and unloading.


Fourth– don’t put yourself in a box.  Yes, you are packing up your life, but life still continues as you do this.  Perhaps you will eat out for the last few nights before the move, but what will you eat on?  If you are thirsty, what will you drink from?  A simple tip is to leave aside a few disposable plates, forks, knives and cups so that you can pack up all of your dishware and still have something to eat off of in the days leading up to the move.  This also eliminates last minute dishes to clean or to potentially forget.  Anything that allows the mode of packing to move forward is a positive thing to help keep you on schedule and ready for moving day.


Fifth– be calm and grateful.  This is the one thing that I need to remind myself of more often.  I am a great packer.  I am a great organizer.  I like to be as efficient as I can be.  Sometimes all of these factors fly past gratitude and straight onto ‘go mode’.  Moving is a lot of work and even an ultra-planner like myself will come across things that will not go exactly as planned because that is generally how life works.  However, things could also go better than expected!  Try to remain excited about the new adventure and take the process in stride.  Most importantly, remember to thank those who have helped you in the process.  I was lucky enough to have a great, big team at my side.  And I am so grateful for all of their help.



Set yourself up for success and a less stressful move by preparing yourself and your home for packing, organizing and unpacking your new adventure!

Follow along as my unpacking and re-designing process moves forward this Fall.

As always, contact us for more tips and comment on your recent moving experience below.


Allie Cooper

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