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How is it the middle of April already?!  On the west coast, we are starting to see spurts of spring, but not as many as we are used to this time of year!  We are big fans of the spring season for several reasons, the biggest ones being that spring symbolizes a true awakening and cue to start things off on a fresh foot.  Outdoor patios start to become a common after work hang out again and we enjoy the outdoors with slightly less layers.  If you like to host, then spring also means the use of your balcony or outdoor space.  Of course, just how much you can do will depend on the size of your outdoor space however- some key elements should always be present.  Here are our tips of a fresh and social outdoor patio.



This may seem like an obvious one, but having some greenery embraces nature, adds, colour and can be applied in many ways.  From small pots to planters to trees and hedges- choose your favourite plant that will flourish in your space considering the exposure to sunlight and the level of attentiveness to keeping the plants alive.  If you are low maintenance, look towards the cactus or succulent family, for example.



Not all of us, especially those living in the Vancouver area, have space for a full outdoor dining set.  Fear not- seating can also come in the form of a cushioned bench or a café set table and chairs.  This is where your personal style comes in.  Choose raw, sanded wood for a rustic or country feel; a white painted metal set for a feminine touch; or the simple, tightly woven nylon for the contemporary type.


As with interiors, lighting has a huge impact on how your outdoor space looks and feels.  Thankfully, when the days are longer, natural light guides us through most of the night.  Additional lighting- like string lighting or sconces shed extra ambiance when the sun goes to sleep.  String lighting is readily available through various retailers and sometimes a single string will suffice to add a cozy layer of lighting to your space.

Canvas- Canadian Tire


How could we fail to mention accessories?!  Our favourite piece to any space, accessories finish off your space and showcase your unique style.  Trays with candles, vases of collected items, patterned accent pillows are a few ways to bring in colour, personality and a dose of envy from your neighbours.

As for entertaining sets to enjoy those refreshing beverages in?  We love this set from Pottery Barn.

Mix up a delicious frozen wine slushie, call your friends and enjoy the outdoors!

As always, your questions and comments are welcome!

Alex & Lily


home office

A space that is gaining more and more attention in new ways is the home office.  Of course having a space to sit and do ‘the bills’ has been around for a while, but home offices have taken on a different, more modern use as the numbers of ‘mompreneurs’ and those working from home continues to grow.  It is no longer an afterthought that is hardly used and functions as the catch-all space. It can be a space that provides an inspirational, functional and of course, stylish room to work in.  In this blog post we will list the essentials to create your perfectly-styled and well-equipped home office.


First up: THE DESK

The key here is to give yourself enough surface area for the specific activities you will be doing.  Tap into your personal style and what elements will motivate and inspire you to get down to work.  Below is a beautiful glass top desk with shaped lucite legs.  Perfect for a clean lined, modern- yet classic office desk.

Glass top desk

This rustic wood desk reads playful with a pop of colour on the legs to allow it to be placed in either a rustic or more transitional style space.

desk with pink legs

Don’t Forget: THE CHAIR

Will you be sitting at your desk for long periods of time, or only here and there?  Make sure you consider comfort in your chair selection so as to not discourage yourself from getting work done or potentially cause you pain over time.  After considering the comfort of the chair- select a chair that goes nicely with your desk.  Modern, traditional or rustic?  Check out some of our faves below:

colourful chair

cross back chair                   white desk chair



What is an office without: STORAGE

Proper storage is important for your home office.  There is nothing motivating or encouraging about a pile of paper sprawled all over your desk from the day before.  Whether the storage is built into your desk or incorporated with shelving and baskets- it is an essential element of your home office.  We love these Kate Spade magazine holders; and why not add some open shelving to add both storage and style above your desk?!


open shevling 2

If your space allows for it, a bookshelf is a great way to add plenty of additional storage to your home office while also providing ample room to add art, personal items and decor.


How could we forget: ACCESSORIES

The details.  Our favourite part of any space.  There are loads of stationary companies out there to help outfit your desktop and pull together the style of your home office.  Your desktop would not be complete without some form of: pens and colourful markers; notebooks to write down your goals and to create lists; general office supplies like scissors, staplers and a hole punch; and finally- unique elements that personalize your space.  Here are some of our favourites to make your home office complete.

rifle notebook

Kate Spade- cards               poppin stapler

All in all, a well put-together and professional space is not only about aesthetics and design, but about creating an inspirational space to dedicate time and productive thought.  Start yourself off on the right foot and make the most efficient use of your home office by having all of the right elements and-as always- contact Alex & Lily for more details and assistance.


Alex & Lily


A fresh, organized start to the new year- all around.

A new year brings new hopes, dreams and promises. It’s a time of reflection and self-awareness. It’s a time for improvement and change. It is not however, a time to set unrealistic goals that are unlikely to be attainable in a calendar year.


Is your goal to have a more organized home?

To finally tackle that home renovation project?

Or to plan your dream wedding without the stress?


An organized home is a matter of using your current space in a better, more efficient way. Below are some clever uses of space that allow for easier access to often used items.


It is always a good idea to sort through drawers and closets several times in a year. It is alright for things to build up over time, but sorting through things more than once a year will keep things from becoming too hectic or overgrown.


Once the excitement and celebration has settled down from the holidays and your life’s ‘to-do list’ comes flooding back into mind- home improvements become a focus again. Research is an important part of any project. If you are looking to save up a bit more money after the expense of the holidays, spend some time now researching and brainstorming. This will be helpful when you begin the project or look to hire a pro. One of the first things a professional will ask you about is your style and functionality preferences. This is where your research will pay off.

Check out these images from one of our most recent project, where used Paris and the client’s warm nature as inspiration for the space.

Another consideration is to take the time to prioritize your home improvements to know which project to tackle first. Not everything can be done at once, regardless if you have the budget to do so. There is a process that occurs with every project and some aspects are contingent upon the completion of other installations. The more prepared you are to begin your project, the smoother it will go.

If you are engaged or newly engaged- firstly- Congratulations! Secondly, we know there are a lot of things to do for your wedding- and we’re here to help. Planning a wedding can be stressful because of the many decisions to make and tasks to complete. To help you get organized, consider the accessory tasks or activities that you need help with, aren’t interested in, or don’t feel that you will have time to do. These can be things like building welcome baskets for your out-of-town guests, maintaining and following up with RSVPs, or planning and organizing your rehearsal dinner. There are plenty of resources available online to help point out the tasks to be completed. For example, The Knot is great free source for wedding inspiration and guidelines. Alex & Lily will help you complete all of these tasks and reduce the stress of planning!


So, creating a fresh, organized new start to the year is all about the small planning steps to do prior the start of your project. Though it may seem daunting in the beginning, take it one step at a time, take care to think about what you want and need before seeking a professional’s advice and have fun with the idea of a satisfying project that you can be proud of!

***To gain a better sense of what a wedding concierge can do to help you and your fiancé with your wedding needs, attend the Swank Wedding Show in Vancouver on February 6th at the Vancouver Art Gallery and visit our booth!

Alex & Lily

Rustic Whistler Style

Whistler Lodge


Whistler has always been a source of influence for both its surroundings and for its design. Growing up on the Pacific Northwest coast, one cannot help but be influenced by nature. The trees, creeks, rivers and mountains are all a source of inspiration filled with an abundance of natural materials.

Whistler Public Library

Raw wood

A ski town at heart, Whistler’s style was originally based around the ski lodge aesthetic and therefore, full of warmth, comfort and beauty. Being embedded in the mountains, Whistler’s design draws from its surroundings and is based on the naturally occurring materials in its environment. The extensive use of natural materials like wood and rock creates such a warm, comforting and sturdy atmosphere. If nature can depend on these materials- why can’t you?! Whistler style is anything but unassuming- it wows with natural, raw materials and grand spaces- all while creating a homey and lounge-worthy atmosphere. This is perhaps one of the best aspects of Whistler style. Whistler is home to many beautiful, expansive, rustic homes that cost a shiny penny, but at the end of the day, the natural elements combine together to create a homey, comfortable space that makes you want to warm up next to the fire and be lazy all day.


Though not everyone can have 15 foot ceilings (similar to the ones above), draped with cedar beams, sitting on a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, you can still implement a piece of Whistler into your home. Try using chunky applications of stone as opposed to silky smooth; big and bulky wood pieces instead of thin and bare; work with natural finishes instead of dark stained pieces (unless, of course, they naturally occur this way). As well, adding wood into your home automatically adds warmth. And even though slate and rock can be seen as a ‘cold’ material, placing it beside neighbouring materials that emulate their natural environment, they are seen as a complete picture. In saying this, it is easy to introduce more modern elements or style into a space because this ‘complete picture’ acts as a neutral backdrop. Therefore, it is possible to incorporate modern furnishings against rough, natural materials. However, I will caution against going too far in the opposite direction with modern furniture to avoid distracting the eye too much. For example, adding clean-lined furniture and fixtures look lovely, whereas ultra-modern, low-rise couches with a black lacquer coffee table will simply look out of place. In these ways, you can bring a bit of the rustic, natural, ski lodge feel into your home.


Due to the plethora of natural elements and materials, location, backdrop and environment, Whistler will continue to be a huge source of influence for Alex & Lily’s personal as well as professional design inspiration.

Let us know how your Whistler style is coming along!

Comment below,

Alex & Lily

Yaletown Apartment


Living in the city, especially one like Vancouver with housing prices getting the best of you, one cannot always afford the space that they desire.  This however, is not an excuse to leave home design by the wayside.  Instead, it is even more important to use the space you have efficiently and effectively to maximize your footprint!

This project is a sweet apartment in Yaletown, Vancouver, BC, one of the most sought after downtown neighbourhoods.  The building are tall, the apartments are small, but the vibe is lively! The style of decor in this space is a mix of rustic, homey charm with a transitional flair. There are a lot of natural materials used in this space, like wood, leather and antlers!  There are several personal pieces in the space that add to its homey feel. There are soft materials like wood and leather that are offset by the occasional hard material from a steel leg or metal table.


I really like that this space has personality and even though it is right downtown, it feels unique to its neighbouring apartments. The apartment is full of natural light due to its many floor to ceiling windows, which helps to make the space appear larger. There is also not an overload of furniture in the space which leaves room to walk from one area to another unobstructed. This is very important in a small space- if you add too many pieces or try to cram too much into a space, you limit the room to move around and also make the space look small and cluttered.


There are some great lessons to be learned from this project. If you are looking for a way to create a homey yet sophisticated space, here are a few tips:

  • Mix your materials- use natural (wood, leather) materials with man-made ones (steel, metals). This will create dimension in your space and avoid your space looking too similar throughout.
  • Make big purchases wisely. For large pieces of furniture, chances are you will have them for a long time. So, you want to be deliberate with your choice and make sure that you will love it for a long time, and that it is of good quality that it will last a long time.
  • Add personal touches. Some designs favour the white gallery walls and clean-lined, modern furniture. However, if it’s a homey feel you’re after, adding personal items from travels or DIY art or pieces are a great way to differentiate your space and make it your own.


For more advice on Interior Design and more, contact Alex & Lily Home.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Remodeling and Home Design


Your desk should be a reflection of your personality. Of course, there are the necessary items that make a desk or workspace functional: a computer or laptop, pens and paper, a light source, storage of some nature…But even within these items you can find styles to suit your personal taste and personality. Then there are those extra items that pull everything together. For example: art work (bought or made); notebooks (standard or trendy); stationary (don’t even get me started….); and other supplies like tape dispensers, staplers and the like.


Now, just because you have a desk or home office space, does not mean that you need EVERY SINGLE ITEM THAT COULD POSSIBLE GO ON A DESK. Believe me, I know how very, very tempting it can be at a stationary store NOT to buy everything in site! I myself, am a lover of pens…you will most definitely find me in the pen aisle at Staples, regardless of the fact that I own more than my fair share of pens!


Moving On: Outfitting your desk to your personal taste means that you can display a certain style of desk accessories and supplies. For the Glitzy Girl, you may find hints of gold and soft feminine colours like this. Clear acrylic trays are a great way to gather items and at the same time, not overload the visual space on your desk.

Glitzy accessories Glitzy desk set up


For the Design Lover, there may also be inspiration in the form of art or magazines at hand. As well as one exceptional accessory or sculpture. Or perhaps some unique, colourful and clever desk accessories from Samuel Wilkinson will do the trick!

Samuel Wilkinson


Richard Sweeney

  Richard Sweeney




For the Earthy Girl, your accessory can be a potted plant (if the work space gets any natural light) or terrarium and can have an awesome wood tray to display your plant on. This desk organizer from Karolin Felix is a great way in introduce natural wood and stay super organized at the same time!

West Elm

West Elm

Houzz- Earthy Organizer


And for the True Professional, access to all of your devices in one reach will surely help the professional process. Grovemade does an excellent job of this and the overall look is so sharp, organized and streamlined. The professional can also have space to store and organize their files, in a chic way.



West Elm

West Elm


Regardless of your style, in order to keep your desk looking sharp and stylish, make sure to tidy it weekly and have a place for everything. For more advice and assistance in your stylish desk or home work space, contact Alex & Lily Home.