Alexandra Cooper


Alex & Lily are lovers of the home and everything involved in it. We are located in Vancouver, BC, serving the Lower Mainland and surrounding neighbourhoods.  No closet is too messy, no kitchen too small and no celebration too quiet to deserve the care and creativity brought by Alex & Lily.

Alexandra Cooper – Principal/Founder
Allie (for short), is a very passionate individual.  She exudes energy and enthusiasm and is not shy to show her interest in things she loves.  She adores colour and believes in the power colour has to completely transform a space.  She is very organized and thrives on helping others sort, categorize and if necessary, colour coordinate spaces!  Her outgoing personality feeds her interpersonal skills and encourages strong relationships with others.  Allie has a diverse educational background including a Bachelor of Arts in
Anthropology, a Certificate of Interior Design and a Certificate in Business Management.  Her love for travel, culture, history and the West Coast influence her design choices as well as her personal interests.  As Principal and Founder of Alex & Lily Home, Allie enthusiastically brings her services to deserving clients and looks forward to fulfill her passions by improving her client’s lives.