Alex & Lily are passionate about design, colour and the ease of living in a well-planned space. Interior Design services are shaped depending on the needs of the client.  Kitchen remodelling, colour and fabric updating and floor plan rearranging are just a few examples of the projects offered in Interior Design.  We understand that you may not have the time, the energy or the interest in finding the ‘perfect’ coffee table or lamp- that’s our job! We will work with you and your unique style, preferences and lifestyle to transform your home into your haven.

We especially love to help you conquer the projects that have been on your mind, and your ‘to-do’ list, for ages that you can’t seem to get started on.  Whether it’s your powder room, entryway or bedroom that still needs some finishing touches- we are excited to use our expertise to guide you through to the completed product. We also understand that you cannot address the entire home at once, and look forward to taking the smaller, more attainable projects off your list so that you can start living in and enjoying your home.

As all of our projects are unique, we first like to meet with clients to discuss their needs, their vision and their timeline. From there, we build a plan, discuss your personal style and get started on your new space!