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Personalized planning and shopping for your wedding.

Alex & Lily are pleased to bring you Wedding Concierge Services!

What is that exactly? Well, have you ever wished to have a little extra help in preparing for the big day- like registry shopping, gift shopping for others, or out-of-towners events? This service will make completing your check list a little bit easier and much less stressful!

Alike to a concierge or personal shopping service, we will provide assistance and guidance with several tasks, including: arrangements for rehearsal dinner locations and planning, out-of-towners- brunches, preparing Welcome Baskets and also act as a style guide at dress fittings. Alex & Lily can either work alongside client’s wedding planners, or on their own to help you pull all the little pieces together.

With extensive shopping experience, enthusiasm for finding ‘that perfect gift’, and a background in interior design as well as event planning, Alexandra Cooper (Alex & Lily Founder and Principal) is more than prepared and skilled to help clients finish the details of their wedding!

Why do you need to register at all? Registering is helpful not only for your guests, but for clients to start their married life off fully equipped with items they will realistically use and like. Alex & Lily’s background in interior design is particularly useful in assuring clients are registering for items they truly want, will use, and suit their style. A home visit will be conducted to gain a grasp of the client’s style and personal taste before heading to the shops.

We are very excited to offer this service to our clients and to provide, yet another way, to make their lives easier and happier!

See below for package pricing or, Contact us for details.