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How is it the middle of April already?!  On the west coast, we are starting to see spurts of spring, but not as many as we are used to this time of year!  We are big fans of the spring season for several reasons, the biggest ones being that spring symbolizes a true awakening and cue to start things off on a fresh foot.  Outdoor patios start to become a common after work hang out again and we enjoy the outdoors with slightly less layers.  If you like to host, then spring also means the use of your balcony or outdoor space.  Of course, just how much you can do will depend on the size of your outdoor space however- some key elements should always be present.  Here are our tips of a fresh and social outdoor patio.



This may seem like an obvious one, but having some greenery embraces nature, adds, colour and can be applied in many ways.  From small pots to planters to trees and hedges- choose your favourite plant that will flourish in your space considering the exposure to sunlight and the level of attentiveness to keeping the plants alive.  If you are low maintenance, look towards the cactus or succulent family, for example.



Not all of us, especially those living in the Vancouver area, have space for a full outdoor dining set.  Fear not- seating can also come in the form of a cushioned bench or a café set table and chairs.  This is where your personal style comes in.  Choose raw, sanded wood for a rustic or country feel; a white painted metal set for a feminine touch; or the simple, tightly woven nylon for the contemporary type.


As with interiors, lighting has a huge impact on how your outdoor space looks and feels.  Thankfully, when the days are longer, natural light guides us through most of the night.  Additional lighting- like string lighting or sconces shed extra ambiance when the sun goes to sleep.  String lighting is readily available through various retailers and sometimes a single string will suffice to add a cozy layer of lighting to your space.

Canvas- Canadian Tire


How could we fail to mention accessories?!  Our favourite piece to any space, accessories finish off your space and showcase your unique style.  Trays with candles, vases of collected items, patterned accent pillows are a few ways to bring in colour, personality and a dose of envy from your neighbours.

As for entertaining sets to enjoy those refreshing beverages in?  We love this set from Pottery Barn.

Mix up a delicious frozen wine slushie, call your friends and enjoy the outdoors!

As always, your questions and comments are welcome!

Alex & Lily



Lessons and inspirations from the Big Apple

It has been quote some time since I last visited New York City – a time where all I saw were huge skyscrapers, busy streets and loads of cabs! But this time around, it was a real treat. Of course, the city is full of food, fashion and fun- but the subtleties are what intrigued me most. The Flatiron District with its amazing old buildings perfectly juxtaposed as modern stores or showrooms; the fact that you are in the birth place of something that is ‘made in New York’; and the inescapable $15 cocktail. All things quintessentially New York City.


Of course, experiencing New York as a designer- my eye was constantly on the move. The enthralling ABC Carpet & Home set in an almost ancient building with furniture, lighting and home décor to make you drool embarrassingly in public- was like a playground filled with inspiration. I am particularly fond of old-meets-new and the ease and comfort of an aged setting amongst the most comfortable and luxurious armchair you have ever had the pleasure of sitting in. There are seven floors to discover, all with different designers, styles and needs for your home. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed and wanted to spend the entire day there!


It seems like everywhere you look there is a little gem- whether very visible or hidden behind the façade of pawn shop in the East Village. This is where I was dazzled by not only the scene, but also the dark, proper yet elegant design of my new favourite dinner spot- Beauty and Essex. As mentioned, the entrance is hidden through a pawn shop that from the outside, looks like a 90s storefront with not much to offer. However, the restaurant is wonderful, and quite the hidden gem if you’re a tourist. Mixed materials, tufted settees and banquettes and the vibrant sconces win you over and make you feel delighted. Thankfully, the food continues this delighted mood and is overall, an impressive experience.


It is no surprise that there are hundreds of places to shop in New York, and there is no shortage of style, taste, colour, cut or price ranges. Whether strolling through SoHo and ogling the fabulous designer clothes; walking along the industrial iron strip in the Meatpacking District to casually flip through some favourites, or having the patience and determination to conquer all seven floors of Macy’s on 34th Street; New York is filled with inspiration everywhere!

Macy’s still has the original escalators that have been in working order for 95 years! They are beautifully vintage and riding on the ash and oak moving stairway gave me goosebumps! New York has a lot of history, but to be that close to a piece of history was such a wonderful feeling. It is great to see a huge department store honouring their history and embracing it through renovations of the modern world.


All in all, New York as an adult designer is impressive. It is stimulating, fun, exciting, sometimes windy, and too large to possibly do in one trip- but a great place to spark some creative juices and I look forward to sharing those with you in the months to come!



Alex & Lily


Alex & Lily’s top 3 holiday décor ideas.


The holiday season is a busy time for all. Life does not stop but more items are added to your ‘To-Do’ list. Instead of worrying about all the possible things you can do, just focus on a few. We have kept it simple this year and have chosen our three favourite holiday ideas to give you a complete, easy and fabulous holiday season!

This holiday season, we encourage you to keep it simple and find the charm in our three favourite things.



In our world, Kraft paper is KING (or QUEEN)! This simple, plain, multipurpose paper is a blank slate for your creative mind when it comes to wrapping. You may add anything to it to personalize your gifts and to create a theme. We love how it can be used any time of the year and the details added to it are what make it festive. Try doing a red and green paint splatter on your craft paper for Christmas time. For some extra sparkle- try gluing on festive sparkles or sequence for an illuminating touch.

kraft paper decor                sparkle tags



Nothing says homey like the smell of freshly baked cookies. Not to mention the fun-filled afternoon of decorating cookies with your family or friends! Homemade cookies are a great way to get into the holiday spirit and can be given as gifts (to save on the budget), or for you to enjoy at home. Don’t worry if you aren’t the best baker in the land, sugar cookies are a very simple recipe and you can decorate them however you like!

We love wrapping cookies and sweets up in holiday cellophane packaging to give away as gifts.

chirstmas cellophane



Holidays are about traditions: ‘we always eat turkey’, ‘we always put our tree up on December 1st’. The Christmas tree, for example, is one of the most overt displays of tradition in your home. It is beautiful and decorated and the centre of Christmas morning.

Instead of going out and spending a lot of money on one hundred new ornaments for your tree, buy what you like, buy things that relate to each other (either colours, styles, or shapes), and slowly build your collection over time. Over the years, you will receive ornaments from friends or family, find new things you love in places you travel to, and slowly add decorations to your tree that will help to tell your story. Each year, you can have something new and meaningful that will evoke a fond memory of the year you received/purchased it. So don’t break the bank the first time you get a tree of your own–let it grow and change with your life and your celebrations.


We hope that these simple tips of ours will help you have a special, personal and unique holiday season!

Contact us for more details on our holiday tips.


Alex & Lily

Alex & Lily are now blogging!



Since coming to the realization a couple of years ago about what it is that I want to do, it’s been a thought-provoking and educational journey. I do not think that my journey is complete, and possible never will be.

But one thing I’ve learned and tried to apply is that if you truly believe in something, then you should find a way to make it happen. There is something fulfilling in knowing that you have made the right decision and are heading in the direction you want to be. Not only that, but you should keep your vision clear and not say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that comes your way. It may be hard in the beginning, but if you allow yourself to be swayed away from your vision- you may never find your way back. That being said- I present to you Alex & Lily Home, a Vancouver, British Columbia based company. A company that has followed a progressive vision towards creating beautiful, comfortable, approachable and loveable homes.

Check in here for future blog posts about upcoming projects on Interior Design, Home Organization and Home Event Planning.

Alex & Lily