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Whistler Lodge


Whistler has always been a source of influence for both its surroundings and for its design. Growing up on the Pacific Northwest coast, one cannot help but be influenced by nature. The trees, creeks, rivers and mountains are all a source of inspiration filled with an abundance of natural materials.

Whistler Public Library

Raw wood

A ski town at heart, Whistler’s style was originally based around the ski lodge aesthetic and therefore, full of warmth, comfort and beauty. Being embedded in the mountains, Whistler’s design draws from its surroundings and is based on the naturally occurring materials in its environment. The extensive use of natural materials like wood and rock creates such a warm, comforting and sturdy atmosphere. If nature can depend on these materials- why can’t you?! Whistler style is anything but unassuming- it wows with natural, raw materials and grand spaces- all while creating a homey and lounge-worthy atmosphere. This is perhaps one of the best aspects of Whistler style. Whistler is home to many beautiful, expansive, rustic homes that cost a shiny penny, but at the end of the day, the natural elements combine together to create a homey, comfortable space that makes you want to warm up next to the fire and be lazy all day.


Though not everyone can have 15 foot ceilings (similar to the ones above), draped with cedar beams, sitting on a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, you can still implement a piece of Whistler into your home. Try using chunky applications of stone as opposed to silky smooth; big and bulky wood pieces instead of thin and bare; work with natural finishes instead of dark stained pieces (unless, of course, they naturally occur this way). As well, adding wood into your home automatically adds warmth. And even though slate and rock can be seen as a ‘cold’ material, placing it beside neighbouring materials that emulate their natural environment, they are seen as a complete picture. In saying this, it is easy to introduce more modern elements or style into a space because this ‘complete picture’ acts as a neutral backdrop. Therefore, it is possible to incorporate modern furnishings against rough, natural materials. However, I will caution against going too far in the opposite direction with modern furniture to avoid distracting the eye too much. For example, adding clean-lined furniture and fixtures look lovely, whereas ultra-modern, low-rise couches with a black lacquer coffee table will simply look out of place. In these ways, you can bring a bit of the rustic, natural, ski lodge feel into your home.


Due to the plethora of natural elements and materials, location, backdrop and environment, Whistler will continue to be a huge source of influence for Alex & Lily’s personal as well as professional design inspiration.

Let us know how your Whistler style is coming along!

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