How to create a fun and thoughtful Stagette/Bachelorette!


I love weddings. Always have. And this year weddings are a daily subject of conversation due to my involvement in many other people’s weddings. I am proud to say that I have some wonderful people in my life who have asked me to be a part of their bridal parties. So, one of the biggest duties of a bridesmaid is of course, planning the Stagette/Bachelorette! Here I’ll share some tips to help make your stagette a fun and successful one!


Firstly, speak to the bride about her schedule and figure out an approximate time of year that both makes sense for the brides, as well as for the timing of the wedding. Typically, the Maid Of Honour (MOH) will lead and organize the general parameters as well as be the liaison for the bride. That being said, the bridesmaids need to contribute too!


Figure out the strengths of the bridal party: Who loves décor? Who is all about the games? Who’s strength is logistical work? Once you’ve determined this you can divide up the work. This is very important so that the MOH is not doing everything herself and also, to ensure that everyone contributes to the event.


So- what do you need to plan a bachelorette?? Of course the details will vary for each party, but here are the guidelines…



Are you going away for the weekend or staying in town? Will you be in a bar? Hotel? Home? Think about the environment where you will be and whether it yields itself to calm atmosphere or a party one. Consider the size of location and whether it will accommodate the guest list as well as the general mood you are looking to capture.



The options are endless but it is always fun to have a theme be carried throughout the party. Plus- it looks so pretty to have coordinating colours! You can keep it simple by using the wedding colours and playing off the theme of the wedding itself.

The theme should also suite the type of bride you are planning for. Does she like to party? Does she love the outdoors? When planning a party for the bride it only makes sense to cater it to her likes and hobbies.



I cannot stress how important it is have good, clear communication not only within the bridal party, but with the bride and the guests as well. A bachelorette relies on the involvement of others to come together, contribute and celebrate. Common decency says that guests should be informed of the details and expectations of the party. Speaking of guests, have the bride send you a list of those who she would like to invite. Invite everyone on the list- even if you have never met them before! Also make sure that guests have a way to contact you in case they have any questions.



Will you be eating out all the time? Or staying somewhere that has a kitchen? And further to that, is there someone in the group that cooks??


It is a good idea to provide some alcohol for the group (as long as the group drinks). In some cases if you are not going out for drinks, you can work the entire cost of alcohol into the overall budget.



It is good to set a budget – and stick to it. How do you determine the budget? Consider the activities you would like to do, the cost of stay and the guest’s level of comfort with spending money. Clearly, the lower the cost the better so that guests are not put off from attending the party due to cost constraints. Charge every guest that same price and don’t forget to minus one person from the numbers to cover the bride’s portion. An average budget for a weekend away will vary, however, the cost should cover: any activities you are taking part in, some food and drink, accommodation, group apparel, and some extras here and there.


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This can be anything from a Welcome Drink to a special book prepared by the group for the bride. The details are the little pieces that help pull everything together and create a greater impact. They are seen in the (optional) favours, the adjusted menus for those with dietary restrictions, adding a personal touch to the decorations, hand-made treats or a surprise element for the bride.


The most important thing to take away from this is that your bachelorette planning should have the bride in mind the whole time. This is for her and her chance to celebrate her new chapter of her life with her nearest and dearest. Going the extra mile for your bride will be noticed a appreciated- I promise. So put your thinking caps on, get your girls together and contact Alex & Lily if you have any questions!


All the best,

Alex & Lily

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