Alex & Lily explore the value of registering for a wedding and how they can help.


Marriage is the joining of two people in a lifelong commitment. It is a new chapter in a couple’s lives and deserves to be well-equipped.

Registering for a wedding is, in our minds, crucial. Regardless of what size your wedding is, how formal or informal it is- every couple needs some form of registry. If you are the type of couple who would prefer to receive money at your wedding-I can guarantee that a grandparent, great aunt or neighbour will insist on purchasing a tangible gift for your wedding. Why risk receiving three of the same set of towels or candlesticks when you can specifically request only the items you want and need in the quantities you require them in?

Another benefit of registering is it forces you to evaluate the items you have in your home, discover gaps and sort through old items that you no longer use. This is an important step to ensure you are not doubling up on unnecessary items in your home (see our Home Organization page for more help with this).

Most registry retailers will give you a certain percentage off purchasing items you have registered for but did not receive for your wedding. This is another benefit of going through the process of registering in general. With all of this being said, Alex & Lily add a very useful and personal experience to wedding registries. With a background in interior design, Alex & Lily will visit client’s homes prior to shopping to view the personal style and lifestyle of the couple.  This evaluative step postiviely impacts the items needed to live happily and completely in the new couple’s home. After the home visit, we will go shopping with you to the recommended retailers for your needs and help you choose appropriate items.

By establishing the ground theme for a registry, Alex & Lily will help couples organize their registries and make it a worth while experience- instead of a waste.
We are so pleased to offer this service to our clients and look forward to making the most of the registry process!

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