Yaletown Apartment


Living in the city, especially one like Vancouver with housing prices getting the best of you, one cannot always afford the space that they desire.  This however, is not an excuse to leave home design by the wayside.  Instead, it is even more important to use the space you have efficiently and effectively to maximize your footprint!

This project is a sweet apartment in Yaletown, Vancouver, BC, one of the most sought after downtown neighbourhoods.  The building are tall, the apartments are small, but the vibe is lively! The style of decor in this space is a mix of rustic, homey charm with a transitional flair. There are a lot of natural materials used in this space, like wood, leather and antlers!  There are several personal pieces in the space that add to its homey feel. There are soft materials like wood and leather that are offset by the occasional hard material from a steel leg or metal table.


I really like that this space has personality and even though it is right downtown, it feels unique to its neighbouring apartments. The apartment is full of natural light due to its many floor to ceiling windows, which helps to make the space appear larger. There is also not an overload of furniture in the space which leaves room to walk from one area to another unobstructed. This is very important in a small space- if you add too many pieces or try to cram too much into a space, you limit the room to move around and also make the space look small and cluttered.


There are some great lessons to be learned from this project. If you are looking for a way to create a homey yet sophisticated space, here are a few tips:

  • Mix your materials- use natural (wood, leather) materials with man-made ones (steel, metals). This will create dimension in your space and avoid your space looking too similar throughout.
  • Make big purchases wisely. For large pieces of furniture, chances are you will have them for a long time. So, you want to be deliberate with your choice and make sure that you will love it for a long time, and that it is of good quality that it will last a long time.
  • Add personal touches. Some designs favour the white gallery walls and clean-lined, modern furniture. However, if it’s a homey feel you’re after, adding personal items from travels or DIY art or pieces are a great way to differentiate your space and make it your own.


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