It’s the time of year where Canadians love to escape the winter (or, in Vancouver’s case- the rain), and travel to a warmer, sunnier destination. Packing and preparing for a trip are a couple of our strong suits. So here, we give you some advice on how to rock your next vacay!


Make sure that your documents are all up to date. Passports especially. It is a good idea to check your passport’s expiry date when you book the trip as it can take a couple weeks to get organized. Checking your family’s documents at the same time will save from the hassle of going to the passport office more then once.

Charge your electronics that you intend to pack. This is something that can be done ahead of time and leave you confident that you will be able to use them during travel. Packing the charging cord for each electronic is wise as you will be using these electronics during your trip as well.

Stock up on your toiletries. Refill shampoo bottles or soaps and make a list of items you still need to purchase. Of course packing travel size toiletries saves space, but don’t worry about sacrificing your perfect hair product for example, if it is not available in a smaller size.

Plan the outfits you want to pack. This way, you can get the most out of the clothing you bring. Having pieces that can be used in a couple of different ways will help reduce the amount of clothing you pack and also allow you to creatively mix and match the items you bring. By thinking about your outfits in advance as well as the activities that you will be doing, you will see if there are any gaps in your wardrobe needed for this trip be able to do any necessary laundry.

Find out if your vacay spot has laundry. This will determine how many undergarments and clothing you will need to bring. If there is laundry, then you can pack a little less and wash items that get dirty. (Of course, you will be on vacation and if laundry + vacation does not sound fun to you, then don’t worry). If you’re travelling with children, this can particularly helpful to know.

All of these things can be done in advance to help prepare you for your trip. We are huge fans of packing a couple days before departing to ensure you have everything you need. And, as always, making a list of the tasks to do is a great way to keep you organized and prepared. Especially if you have a young family to pack for, anything that you can do in advance will help reduce the stress of leaving town and also allow you to feel confident that you are not forgetting anything for your vacation.

Happy traveling!

Alex & Lily


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