Preparing for the New Year

Party tips and Holiday Organization


While the holiday season is coming to a close, there is still time for some last minute New Year’s Eve (NYE) party tips and tricks! I always find it lovely to go to or host, a house party for this time of year. It is nice to be able to CHOOSE those that you want to ring in the New Year with, as well as avoid the line up at the bar and the dreadful hunt for a cab at the end of the night.


The first thing that NYE brings to mind is the start of something new and fresh! Why not make a signature cocktail, with some added bubbly, to celebrate the night! I love this recipe with a fresh, citrus taste.


Another thing that NYE brings to mind is SPARKLES! I have always been a lover of glitter and all things shiny. Perhaps it’s the ceremonial fireworks that are set off throughout the night, but adding a bit of sparkle to the evening is fitting and fun! It can be incorporated in the décor, like this lovely PRINTABLE banner from Etsy, or in these playful coasters from Lofty Living. For you ladies, adding a bit of sparkle to your nails is also a simple and playful way to add some sparkle to the night.


As for those New Year’s resolutions: if you are going to make them, your greatest chance of succeeding in these resolutions is to write them down! Believe it or not, the simple act of physically writing out your resolutions gives you a greater chance of fulfilling them. Writing out your goals hold you more culpable to those words and also creates a visual record of what you promised yourself.


Here are some examples of New Year’s resolutions:

  • This year I will organize and clean out my purse once a month.
  • This year, I will save up enough money to finally redo my powder room.
  • This year, I will make sure to start planning and organizing a party at least a week in advance to avoid unnecessary stress.
  • This year, I will (finally) clean out my closet (possibly with help from a professional), and donate the items I no longer use.


So, if you are the type to make these resolutions/promises/goals–Write It Down! (and if you’re a stationary fiend like me, write it down in a lovely notebook like this one from Kate Spade.)


On Another Note…

As we ring in a new year, it is also time to think about cleaning up the holiday décor like trees, wreaths and lights, etc. Even though you will be bringing out the same decor in a year from now, it is still important to pack things up carefully and thoughtfully. Remember that ornament organizer from Target (see @alexlilyhome Instagram post)?? Now’s the time to use it! Place ornaments carefully into the box, with delicate ones wrapped in tissue for safe keeping. If you have a fake tree make sure it’s nicely placed in its’ box to allow easy unpacking the following year. It is well worth the initial effort of carefully and purposefully packing up holiday items for storage to save yourself time, energy, and twisted-light-strand headaches next year!

New Year

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Stylish New Year!

See you in 2015!


Alex & Lily

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