We love celebrating birthdays.  Some people are obsessed with their birthdays, and others could care less.  Here at Alex & Lily, we are in the camp who believe that birthdays should be celebrated and that they should bring together as many people as you can who love and care for the person entering another year.

The ‘new birthday’ simply means celebrating birthdays in a way that is unique or different from birthday celebrations of the past, but not too extreme that you break the bank.  Every birthday should have a theme- whether that theme is overt or subtle.  Themes do not always dictate dressing up as your favourite childhood hero- or any hero for that matter.  Rather we are suggesting a more sophisticated and adult theme that revolves around food, drink or activity.  Something that is classy and fun, and easy for everyone to participate in, not only those who love to dress up.


Theme #1: The New Bartender On The Block

Ask all of your guests to bring their favourite alcohol or liqueur.  Once you have all of the supplies ready, try your hand at mixing up some tasty cocktails with the flavours you have at your disposal.  If you have a friend who is a particularly good bartender, have them start things off.  You can also look up recipes and mix up some of your favourites.  This is also a great time to show off your new bar set you got for Christmas, your wedding, or of birthdays past 😉

Theme #2: Wine O’ Clock

Similar to making your own cocktails, ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine of their choice, along with one food item that pairs nicely with it.  Conversely, you can also put together a nice variety of cheeses and garnishes to suit a wide variety of flavours.  The party essentially turns into a wine tasting party with each guest tasting small amounts of various wines, and appropriately pairing them with some delectable cheese.  Yum!  Again, a great time to show off those cheese knives you have oh-so-carefully stored away in a drawer!


Theme #3: Country Cuisine Cook-off

This theme is based around food- an essential for ANY party.  Choose your favourite cuisine, or country and ask guests to bring a small dish of that cuisine/country.  Add topical music and beverage you have yourself a food-themed bash! Alternatively, you can do all the cooking (or hire someone else to) and sit back and enjoy an indulgent meal with your loved ones.

Theme #4: GAME ON!

We always love adding a little fun into the evening and if you are already entertaining at home, it is easy to bring out a board game or two!  Similar to the previous themes, you can ask guests to bring a board game, or use the ones you have at home.  Try to think of games that involve a lot of players at once, so that everyone has a chance to participate.  You can have two games going at a time if your group is large enough.  Though board games seem to be a nostalgic activity, it is a fun way to get the competitive juices flowing or the chance to make fools of yourselves without a care. (With this theme, don’t forget to supply food and beverage as well).


These ideas are cohesive and flexible while also creating a focus and a central theme to your special day.  They can be as detailed and committed as you like.  Accompanying décor, music and dress can be added, or you can choose to keep it simple.

We hope this has sparked some ideas for your next birthday bash!  And, as always,  Alex & Lily are here to provide more ideas and guidance when you need.


Alex & Lily

(Note: Image 1- Style Me Pretty; Image 2- Etsy; Image 3- Williams Sonoma)

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